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Classroom Participation

Be a Part of the Conversation

Participation is a big part of your program. Your opinion, your thoughts, and your comments provide value to your cohort, and we’d love to hear them. If you’re shy, if English isn’t your first language, or you don’t fully understand the topic being discussed, we’d still like to hear from you in the classroom. The questions you ask can lead the discussion in an entirely new direction and allow everyone in your program to learn something new. Your attendance is critical and can impact your team, your cohort, and even your grade. Please join us in the conversation; we’d love to hear what you have to say. 

Learn Teamwork Skills

We see value through collaborative teamwork, so your cohort might be broken up in to smaller teams. This lets the members of your team bring different skills to the group, allowing everyone to benefit from the sharing of talents. Communication is vital to the success of your group, so please share your concerns, suggestions, ideas, and strengths. You will be surprised at how accepting your team is, and how much you can accomplish together. 

Working in groups is a learning experience, where you might need to try different tactics to accomplish your goals, but if you find yourself getting stressed or frustrated, we want you to know we’re here to help. If you’re challenged by the writing requirements, we have the Writing Centre available to help you. If you’re struggling with the English language, we have English Language Assistance. If external sources or internal communications are causing you grief, we have student counselors available to give you advice and provide you with options. At RRU, we’re here to help you find success.