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Bio (Dr. Steven Chen)

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Dr. Steven Chen

China Chief Representative

加拿大皇家大学驻中国首席代表 陈石博士

中国文革后首届硕士,多伦多大学博士和不列颠哥伦比亚大学博士后。曾在华东师范大学、西藏民族学院、多伦多大学和中国香港大学任教。专业特长:现代国际关系史,中国政治与社会研究,国际教育交流与合作。 2000年合伙创办博世凯文化教育集团, 曾任上海市国际人才交流协会驻加拿大联络处主任,参与管理(教育部)中国教育国际交流协会中教国际教育交流中心上海分中心。曾安排上海市四千多名教育主管、教师及其它行业领导和骨干到国外参访、培训和在国内深造乃至获得美国正规大学硕士学位,通过博世凯沉浸式全外教英语班帮助三万多名中小学生迅速提高英语水平,促成了上海应用技术学院与加拿大汤普逊大学合作办学,为创建中美合办上海-马里兰大学作出努力,并得到上海市政府的充分支持和批准,包括数十亿人民币资产的投入承诺。

Dr. Steven Chen, China Chief Representative of Royal Roads University

One of the first batch of graduate students after the Cultural Revolution in China, Steven Chen earned his Ph.D. in Asian Politics and History from the University of Toronto (U of T) and a post-doctoral fellowship from the University of British Columbia. He taught at East China Normal University, Tibet Institute for Nationalities, U. of T., and the University of Hong Kong. In 2000, he co-founded Pacican Education & Culture Service Corp. He was an executive of the Shanghai Branch of China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) under the Ministry of Education of China, and Director of the Canada Liaison Office of the Shanghai government. He has facilitated approximately 4,000 government officials, educational directors, principals, teachers and other professionals to have field trips, training, or Master degrees in China or abroad, over 30,000 primary and secondary students to improve their English proficiency, and a government approved BA program jointly run by Shanghai Institute of Technology and Thompson Rivers University. He also endeavored to establish the would-be first Sino-US university - Shanghai-Maryland University in Shanghai, and obtained the support and sanction from Shanghai Municipal Government, including a promise of a one billion dollar investment in assets.