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IICS515: Intercultural and International Communication Theory - 3.00 Credits

Introduces contemporary and classic theories of intercultural communication, international communication, cross-cultural communication and development communication. Provides an overview of the development of these fields of study and introduces students to leading theorists. Immerses students in discussion of applicability of theoretical frameworks in professional and personal settings.

PCOM520 Academic Writing and Communication - 3.00 Credits

Introduces communication strategies designed to enhance clear and effective written discourse at the graduate level. Examines the basic principles of successful scholarly writing, and the critical analysis of academic research and discourse. Students will write a critical literature review through a series of research and writing assignments in an interactive workshop.

IICS551: Organizational Communication and Culture - 3.00 Credits

Analyzes organizational structures and management styles with a particular focus on culture. Considers issues related to emerging technologies, intellectual contributions, and organizational culture. Takes an intercultural perspective to address intercultural skills needed in light of globalization. Conducted through case studies and discussions with leading practitioners.

IICS560: Communication in an International Context - 3.00 Credits

Examines communication between divergent cultural value systems, across ethnic, racial, social, economic, and cultural barriers and how differing levels of technological adaptation and unequal power configurations affect intercultural and international communication. Considers the relation between information technology and the growth of global media systems and multinational corporations. Students analyze the role and significance of the rapid growth of multinational communication industries in shaping the modern world, with particular emphasis on the relationship between technology and the structures of power and control.

IICS605: Public Culture - 3.00 Credits

Examines the cultural turn and its significance in the social sciences. Surveys how with the cultural turn the concept of culture has changed in content and relevance and has begun to occupy a prominent role in public discourse. Examines the cultural interrelations between social, political, and economic structures, patterns of everyday interaction, and systems of meaning-making. Reviews influential emerging interdisciplinary literature and examines substantive issues such as space and place, collective memory, material culture, consumer culture, media culture, culture and nation, modernity and postmodermity, cultural flows and networks, colonialism and postcolonialism, race and ethnicity, gender and sex, cultural property, muilticulturalism, identity, performance, art, and technology. Utilizes knowledge mobilization technologies to take an active role in the transformation of public culture.

IICS611: Intercultural Competence - 3.00 Credits

Immerses students in discussion of applicability of theoretical frameworks in professional and personal settings. Provides students with an opportunity to develop research and / or instructional activities that will raise intercultural awareness, assist in intercultural mindset development, and facilitate intercultural competence development. Pre-requisite: IICS 515, IICS 560.

IICS630: Advanced Research Methods - 3.00 Credits

Provides students with an advanced introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methodology, strategies, data-gathering techniques, and data analysis. Students are introduced to strategies for reporting, representing, performing, and applying research outcomes. Research strategies and methods covered include but are not limited to participatory action research, ethnography, secondary data analysis and literature review, text and discourse analysis, survey design, interviewing, semiotics, focus groups, narrative methods, critical feminist research, decolonizing methodology, and Foucaldian methods. Pre-requisites: IICS 620.

IICS638: Contemporary Issues in Communication - 3.00 Credits

Leads students in an in-depth analysis of a current topic of social, cultural, or political perspective from a communication perspective. Students will gain a concrete understanding of the dynamic and contextual nature of communication challenges in the areas of intercultural and/or international communication.

IICS641: Supervised Field Study for Research Paper - 3.00 Credits

Guides students in the identification of concrete challenges to effective intercultural and/or international communication in a particular locale. Helps students propose realistic recommendations to overcome such barriers. Advises students in implementing such solutions in a supervised setting. Directs students in assessing challenges and successes of their applied solutions. Pre-requisites: IICS 620, IICS 630.

IICS672: Global Politics and International Relations - 3.00 Credits

Introduces students to the evolution of global society and to the major theories and concepts of international relations. Examines the main structures, processes, and actors that shape global politics. Raises awareness of different international issues and problems of both historical and contemporary significance. Examines the impact of globalization, viewed as system, on social change and on political communities.

PCOM620: Research in Communication Studies - 3.00 Credits

Provides students with an introduction to the foundations of communication research and to the concepts and procedures of qualitative and quantitative research methodology. Covers strategies for critically assessing published empirical research and discusses the role of epistemological and ontological assumptions in the application of paradigms of knowledge. Reviews issues concerning ethics in research and the function of social values in the process of knowledge construction. Examines research design and logic systems and reviews the process of crafting research proposals.