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Western Teaching Methodologies

Education is a rapidly evolving field. At Royal Roads University, we understand the challenges today’s educators face and we’re able to help you bring effective techniques to your international classroom.

Discover Western Teaching Methods

In the Royal Roads University International Teaching Methodologies program, you will use classroom instruction, integrated activities, and authentic interaction in English to learn relevant Canadian teaching methodologies and enhance your English language skills. By building on your existing knowledge, we are able to guide you through the learning process as well as share effective theory, materials, and techniques.

Your program will be unique to your cohort, with your instructor choosing the theme, learning outcomes, methodology, and materials based on the language ability, needs, and interests of you and your classmates.

As well, your program can be customized to better meet your individual needs. The curriculum can be focused on a specific academic area, and guest speakers can be arranged to fit the interests of your group. The cultural and recreational activities can be adjusted to meet the needs of your program as well as your own interests. We’re here to help you get the tools and techniques you need to be effective in your home country.

Some of the possible themes for your program could be (but aren’t limited to)

  • Student Centered Learning
  • Overviews of ESL and EFL
  • TESL and TEFL Methodology
  • Goal Setting for successful personal achievement
  • Importance of Reflective practice
  • Instructional Techniques for writing, speaking, listening, and reading
  • Professionalizing teaching through research, curriculum revision and policy development
  • Team (Cooperative) Learning
  • Core concepts of Experiential Learning
  • Advantages of Task-based Learning
  • Benefits of a Community of Practice
  • Tools and Techniques for informal and formal Evaluation/Assessments and reporting