Fees and Costs

Study Costs

For the most part, the tuition for your program covers the cost of your course only, for the entire length of the program. You will still need to pay for books, special functions, student services fees, student association fees, accommodation, meals, transportation, and other ancillary costs. You can find more on our Tuition and Fees page. There are no taxes on post-secondary education.

Living Costs

Many of our programs are delivered in an online and on-campus blended model. If you're enrolling in one of these programs, the on-campus residencies are mandatory, and will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with the rest of the people in your program, but you are not required to stay on campus. If you are interested in on-campus housing, we have excellent accommodations for you to use.

For off-campus housing check out our Off-Campus Housing site or contact Canada Homestay Network and live with a family in Victoria. 

Learn about our grants and scholarships on our Financial Aid and Awards and Scholarships pages.