Visiting Student Program

Are you an international undergraduate student interested in studying abroad for one or two semesters?

If we do not have a bilateral student exchange agreement with your home institution, you have the option of applying to Royal Roads University as a fee-paying, visiting student. Spend a semester or two on beautiful Vancouver Island and experience our applied and relevant programs at a breathtaking location.

What courses can I take?

Choose 3rd and 4th year level courses from one of the following program streams:

Eligibility Requirements

How much does it cost*?

  • Application fee: $123.81
  • Per 3 credit courses: $2,179
  • Standard ancillary fees (Student Services, Learning Support, Student Association, public transit/ UPASS): approx. $286.47 for 4 months

*All fees subject to change

Visiting Student Award

Financial help may be available through our Visiting Student Award, which aims at reducing international tuition rates to near domestic rates.

Ready to apply?

Contact us for the application form!